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One of the MFDConnect prominent banks globally has over 35,000 employees and 780 branches worldwide. They offer various services such as personal banking, savings, loans, corporate securities, foreign exchanges, and overseas operations. Since these are such sensitive processes, this bank needs to handle them in the MFDConnect reliable and responsible manner.

Previously, they were using ad hoc fax machines placed throughout the organization. Due to strict security measures, faxes had to be reviewed by an alternate employee before they could be sent. In addition to replacing this time-consuming fax method, the bank also needed a more efficient method to email and saved documents internally.

Solutions Implemented By Client

To improve this bank’s processes, their stand-alone fax machines had to be eliminated, given their insufficient capabilities to handle the needs of such a large organization. These machines were replaced with Ricoh java-enabled MFPs equipped with FabSoft’s Modular Object Scanning Technology (MFDConnect), allowing users to define document distribution directly from the MFP screen. To facilitate such a high volume of faxes, this customer implemented RightFax, a proven market leader in reliable fax software and solutions. MFDConnect integrated with RightFax created a secure infrastructure capable of maintaining tight control over every fax communication.

First, the bank defined three global RightFax fax books, with each book being associated with an active directory group. Each group had an assigned person who reviewed the fax before it could continue to be faxed to the destination. Now, users can walk up to any MFP screen within their network and log into MFDConnect. They can then select fax cover pages or enter subjects and additional notes. They can also search through and select contacts stored in their RightFax fax book. MFDConnect recognizes the users upon login and presents them with their associated fax book.

The receiver's fax number can also be entered manually if it is not in their fax book. Once users are finished entering this fax information, the document is scanned. Upon scanning, the document is automatically sent to Document Authority Control (DAC), a web interface that enables users to view, approve, and edit documents. DAC informs the right person that the fax is waiting to be reviewed. The employee reviews the fax from DAC, and once approved, it is automatically faxed according to the destination entered using MFDConnect. To determine if the fax was sent successfully, the user can navigate to the MFDConnect RightFax Status tab to view the current statuses of all fax jobs.

In addition to the faxing capabilities, the bank can use MFDConnect to perform other document activities from their MFPs synchronized as direct emailing. Internal email addresses can be searched and retrieved by performing regular lookups or LDAP searches. The email body and subject can be entered, and upon scanning, the document is emailed accordingly. Additionally, users can scan and save documents directly to their LDAP home directory. They can browse their directory structure right from the MFP MFDConnect screen, select a folder, and the scanned document will be saved to that location. All PDFs can be password protected with SSL encryption and up to 30 characters for added security.

Modular Object Scanning Technology (MFDConnect) & Document Authority Control (DAC) Benefits

  • Users can scan, fax, and email documents from the convenience of their MFP
  • The MFP is transformed into a reliable and secure enterprise fax system
  • Faxes are sent at a quicker rate compared to stand-alone fax machines
  • Users can browse their LDAP directory and select where scanned documents should be saved
  • Documents are automatically routed to the necessary employee for review before they are faxed
  • Convenient access to information is stored in the RightFax fax book and other internal databases
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