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Freepath is a Pathology Laboratory designed specifically for Dermatologists and Clinicians whose focus is Dermatology. Before introducing FabSoft’s SysConnect and Tag Doc solutions, Freepath used multi-part forms that needed to be manually faxed, emailed, or mailed to different doctors. Routed documents varied based on who the doctor was and what he/she preferred. This process was extremely inefficient since each document had to be reviewed to verify and configure distribution manually.

Freepath also lacked a digital archive system and kept all of its document records in filing cabinets that were difficult to maintain. FabSoft provided Freepath with a solution that would eliminate the use of their multi-part forms and pre-printed forms and automate distribution to fax, email, and archive systems.

Solution Implemented By Freepath Pathology Laboratory

To implement this solution, Freepath recreated their forms – diagnostic reports, patient history reports, and lab reports – with SysConnect. The Diagnostic forms now contain Tag Doc bar codes, so when scanned, Tag Doc automatically stores them into different folders based on the doctor’s name. When each of these forms prints, they contain metadata and indexes so that SysConnect would perform a search to determine how the report should be delivered. Lab reports are sent to different devices such as fax, email, a document management system, remote printers, or local printers based on the doctor's name. When documents are archived online using ECM solutions, they are stored in PDF format with metadata and indexes. These indexes are patient ID, SSN, date of birth, physician, referring physician, procedure date, diagnosis number, and session number. If a document is needed, doctors can easily perform index information searches to retrieve the document from the document management system. SysConnect, Tag Doc, and ECM solutions provide Freepath Pathology Laboratory with a solution that alleviates all their document processing issues. Freepath no longer has to purchase expensive pre-printed forms with their new electronic forms. Time spent determining how documents need to be delivered is eliminated since SysConnect intelligently decides how they will be sent. Additionally, automatic distribution of email and fax numbers rids the hassle of manual entry and the potential of delivery errors. Freepath Pathology Laboratory is now able to maintain an extensive archive of documents and provide centralized access to useful information. Since forms now include indexes and metadata, they can be quickly found by performing searches. Freepath has successfully printed 150-200 forms each day and scanned 50-100 forms daily. They intend to utilize this same solution in their eight labs by year-end. Also, they are looking to implement 5-6 other FabSoft solutions with their current document workflow.

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