Document Workflow Management

What is Document Workflow Management & Why is it Important? 

A typical business deals with vast amounts of documents and data that cannot be managed by hand. Businesses rely upon document workflows to efficiently and effectively manage documents. In this guide, we answer the pressing question, "What is document workflow management?" We highlight the importance and benefits of document workflow management and describe how to optimize yours to maximize results.  

What is document workflow management?

A document management workflow is an enterprise's process to submit, capture, distribute, and manage all of the documents that pass through the organization. Document workflow management takes the transactional documents on a user's desktop workstation and automatically moves them throughout the business. 


  • The submission process involves processing inbound emails and attachments, monitoring files on desktop folders, using printer drivers, and processing documents in a web browser. 
  • The capture process involves recognizing the documents to ensure the correct workflow is used, modifying documents to improve usability, extracting information from vector and rasterized documents, and applying OCR to improve accuracy and performance. 
  • The distribution process includes content management, integration with automation platforms, file sharing, emailing, printing, and customized workflows and connections. 
  • The management process includes controlling and assigning workflows, defining and controlling user settings, assigning and controlling groups, and establishing security and encryption protocols. 


Why is document workflow management important?


Companies can easily become bogged down in repetitive, mundane tasks without document workflow management. Manual processes waste time, are costly, frustrate employees, and limit growth. Companies need document workflow management to optimize processes and stay ahead of the competition. 


5 Benefits of Managing Document Workflow

1. More Efficient Document Creation

A significant benefit of document workflow management is that it enables teams to quickly and accurately generate documents with just a few clicks. Without the software, professionals may spend hours researching, templating, and drafting documents. Tools like SysConnect and DeskConnect allow users to reduce their administrative time and redirect resources to high-value endeavors. 

2. Improved Consistency and Visibility

An uncorrected typo or error may be annoying at best and highly damaging at worst. Document workflow management helps users generate more consistent documents through intelligent templating processes. Smart fields guide users through document population, and the smart features flag concerns, empty fields, and other predetermined risks. Furthermore, document management workflows support the development of a single source of truth with documents and data throughout the organization. 

3. Significant Cost-Savings

An increase in efficiency and improved consistency translates to measurable cost savings. By reducing the administrative burden, professionals have more time to dedicate to high-value, specialized tasks. This shift in resources can reduce the need to hire additional team members to manage the workload and drive revenue growth. 

4. Empowers Employees

A solid document management workflow clarifies and simplifies all document processes so employees can manage more tasks confidently and independently. Employees can access and share documents and data more quickly and efficiently, making them more productive, organized, and effective in their roles. 

5. Increases Transparency

Document management workflows shed light on internal processes to help employees understand operations. Document management workflows also increase the visibility of documents and techniques so that team members can quickly access the correct information when needed. 


How To Optimize Your Document Workflow Management

After reading all these benefits, you may wonder how to optimize your document workflow management. To address this business challenge, we created the Fab-Connect Suite. The Fab-Connect Suite includes SysConnect, DeskConnect, MFDConnect, along with additional solutions available through unique partnerships. It is a practical, cost-effective set of software solutions that intelligently capture and distribute transactional documents across businesses of every size. Our solutions integrate with many operating systems, applications, equipment, and services to ensure you have the features you need to meet your business needs. 

Since 1992, we have been an industry leader in document capture solutions, helping companies of all sizes significantly reduce their operating costs while maximizing business productivity. Our document workflow solutions have evolved over the years to suit the growing needs of any organization. For this reason, there is no challenge too large or too complicated for our document workflow software. With over 250,000 successful installations, FabSoft solutions have been implemented into the daily operations of many prominent businesses worldwide. 

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