The Fab-Connect Suite delivers
practical, cost-effective software
to capture and distribute
transactional documents
across businesses of every size.

Are your transactions

30-40% of transactional documents are not captured or distributed in a meaningful way.
The sources, types, formats, and transport protocols of business documents are too different to capture and distribute without help.

Business transactions depend on Connection.

Regardless of the input source, companies need to capture the documents and data, distribute information across the business, and then manage the flow.





The Fab-Connect Suite

Capture and leverage system-
generated, recurring transactional

Electronic Copy

What is Electronic Copy?
System to System data exchange.  Enterprise Systems and Line of Business Applications pass digital information directly with other systems. 

Increase the efficiency and
effectiveness of document
transactions for users at their desk.

Soft Copy

What is Soft Copy?
The data and documents knowledge workers receive as files or generate on their workstations.  Think email attachments and MS Office documents.

Best total cost print and scan
software solutions. Secure pull print,
e-fax, file sharing, etc.

Hard Copy

What is Hard Copy?
Hard copy, paper documents are scanned to Document Management Software. Data is typically entered manually.

All enterprises – no matter how sophisticated – perform business transactions using documents and data in three formats:

Electronic Copy

Soft Copy

Hard Copy

Each format contains critical information and should all be CONNECTED.

FabSoft has been a leader in document capture and distribution since 1992

FabSoft has been a leader in data and document capture for SMBs and global enterprises since 1992.  FabSoft was one of the first to market with a fully integrated – and fully modular – solution across all document management functions.  Because of our product maturity and quality, FabSoft is able to provide the best total cost option for MFD print, scan, and secure print delivery (MFDConnect), system-to-system variable data printing (SysConnect), and document capture from user desktop applications to shared storage and ECM systems (DeskConnect). 

Whether setting up a net-new office automation approach or seeking to enhance a sophisticated content management strategy, FabSoft has a solution that will truly connect the documents and data in your business transactions.  We provide Document Connection that is cost-effective, easy to implement, …and works.