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What is Variable Data Printing & How Does It Work?

Understanding Variable Data Printing and Its Impact on Business Automation

Long gone are the days of one-size-fits-all marketing strategies. In the era of personalized content, customers expect timely and relevant communication. According to a 2020 survey, personalization benefits include higher conversion rates, improved customer experience, and increased customer engagement. But how do businesses scale this efficiently? Enter Variable Data Printing (VDP), an effective way to create customized content. At FabSoft, we modernize printing systems, improve productivity, and reduce costs with our variable data automation tool, SysConnect. This guide will define variable data printing and explain its workings, uses, and benefits.

The Definition and Functionality of Variable Data Printing

Variable Data Printing

Variable data printing is a form of digital printing that allows the customization of documents in a print run with unique data points like names, messages, graphics, addresses, and special offers. Each unique document can include one or multiple customized elements.

The Working Principles of Variable Data Printing

Variable data printing operates by gathering specific data and dynamically inserting it into a static mail design or template based on data-driven file classifications. The data, such as headlines, names, addresses, special offers, graphics, and images, can be automatically altered from one printed document to the next, not delaying the printing process. The right software is indispensable for such high-speed, printed customization at scale.

How FabSoft Enhances Variable Data Printing with SysConnect

FabSoft's intelligent document capture engine, SysConnect, captures documents from any application or operating system. Once a document is captured, it can be altered, enhanced, separated, and delivered. Originating as a powerful variable data printing solution, SysConnect has evolved into a robust delivery solution compatible with any on-premise or cloud system. By managing complex mail merge processes and adding intelligent objects to documents for personalized printing runs, SysConnect elevates variable data automation.

Potential Uses of Variable Data Printing

Variable data printing finds uses across various sectors, including financial services, retail, non-profits, utilities, telecommunications, healthcare, and government. Here are a few ways businesses and organizations can leverage variable data printing to personalize content:

Service Reminders

Variable data printing can be used by service providers like car dealerships, automotive shops, maintenance companies, and cleaning businesses to send personalized reminders to customers for scheduling appointments.

Cross- and Up-Selling Offers

Industries like hospitality and retail can create personalized promotions based on a client's purchase or visit history using variable data printing.

Tailored Messaging

Educational institutions and charitable organizations can use variable data printing to tailor brochures and pamphlets to the specific interests of the recipients.

Top Benefits of Variable Data Printing

Variable data printing provides numerous benefits for businesses seeking quick personalization of printed materials:

  1. Varied Applications: Variable data printing revolutionizes how businesses across different sectors create various printed materials.
  2. Enhanced Data Analysis and Tracking: Variable data printing can include unique tracking elements like QR codes and URLs for better tracking and analyzing marketing efforts.
  3. Boosted Response and Conversion Rates: Personalization, even as simple as adding the recipient's first name to a piece of mail, can increase response rates by an astounding 135%.

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