Harnessing Document Processing with Azure Form Recognizer


Welcome to our detailed tutorial on intelligently processing documents using Azure Form Recognizer. This blog post will guide you through the entire process, from creating a custom Form Recognizer model to integrating it with other solutions.

Building a Custom Form Recognizer Model

Learn how to build a custom Form Recognizer model tailored for specific documents like patient registration forms. We'll guide you through creating a new project, selecting your subscription, resource group, and form recognizer service. You'll also learn how to select your preferred storage account and blob container and how to enter a folder path.

Field Mapping and Sample Labeling

Discover how to create your desired data fields and label the data from the document. This simple process makes training models quite straightforward. You can train the new model once all the documents have been labeled.

Model Training

Understand how to train your new model with real-world sample documents. You'll learn how to name your model and give it a description. Depending on the format of your training set documents, you'll learn when to select the template build mode or the neural build mode.

Model Testing

Learn how to test your newly trained model to ensure that all the data fields get populated with the correct information from the document. Once a form recognizer model has been created, it can be used in many ways.

Integration with Other Solutions

See how the Form Recognizer model's intelligent AI can be used with FabSoft's Desktop Automation Driver to send output data to a Microsoft PowerApps flow. The PowerApps flow will then upload the data to SharePoint. You'll learn to submit a document to the Desktop Automation Driver, select the Microsoft PowerApps workflow type, and open the workflow configuration menu.


In conclusion, when implemented in an appropriate system, Microsoft Azure Form Recognizer models can empower business and automation practices. Don't miss this opportunity to transform your document management workflow with Form Recognizer!

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