Your Ultimate Guide to Microsoft Logic Apps and Child Flows

Dive into the world of Azure Logic Apps and learn how to effectively manage data transfer between parent and child flows. This blog post, inspired by a tutorial video, will walk you through the process in a step-by-step manner. Regardless of your experience level, our guide will equip you with the knowledge to optimize your workflows.

Building an Effective Document Processing System

The tutorial showcases the construction of a robust document processing system using nested workflows in Azure Logic Apps. The DeskConnect desktop automation driver is used as the key component for this system.

Establishing the Workflows

The journey begins with the creation of two distinct Azure workflows. The initial workflow is the child flow, which will eventually be nested within the parent workflow. At this stage, an HTTP request action and a response action are incorporated into this flow.

Next, the parent workflow is added, also known as the primary flow. An HTTP request action is integrated into the flow, along with a variable to signify the document type of the input file.

Incorporating the Switch Action

A switch action is incorporated into the flow, serving as a control flow statement that enables users to conditionally execute other actions based on the value of an expression. In this instance, the document type is utilized as the value that each case is dependent on.

A case is then incorporated into the switch action that will be executed when the document type is a patient registration form. The child workflow created earlier is chosen as the parameter for the 'Invoke a Workflow in this Workflow App' action added to this case.

Setting Up the Email Action

The final step incorporated into the flow is the 'Send an Outlook Email' action. There are numerous parameters to set up once the action has been incorporated into the flow, starting with the email recipient. Dynamic email variables can be utilized to automatically update the recipient with each submission.

The email subject and body are constructed using some of the dynamic content variables from the flow. A new attachments parameter is added to the action, configured using the dynamic content variables for the file name and file attachment.

Optimizing Document Processing

The system is now prepared to efficiently process any document of the same type. Each document submission's run history can be accessed in the Azure workflow's overview pane, providing valuable insights into the inputs and outputs of each step of the flow.

Additional cases can be effortlessly created to handle various document types. Even unidentified documents can still get processed by this system, ensuring that every document sent to the parent flow will be correctly processed.

Wrapping Up

Implementing nested Azure flows in conjunction with the DeskConnect desktop automation driver establishes a highly efficient and adaptable document processing system. This system can continuously be expanded and adapted to further increase its usefulness, optimizing your operations.

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