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A major advertising agency provides various services for several international customers. One of the services provided is producing advertisements for phone books. Typically, the agency would print out an invoice for the advertisement and then print out the artwork associated with the advertisement invoice. An employee would cut the artwork with scissors, paste it onto the invoice, and mail the invoice to the client for approval. This manual process was quite tedious, and the advertising agency needed a more efficient solution.

Solutions Implemented By The Advertising Agency

The advertising agency went with FabSoft’s SysConnect Solution and ECM solution to terminate their current manual document workflow. SysConnect now captures their invoices, automatically retrieves the corresponding artwork from a directory, attaches it to the invoice, and stores it for internal review. Once approved, the invoice can be emailed or faxed to the customer or archived in ECM's digital archive system.

Frequently, the artwork is quite large and made delivery difficult in the past. With this solution, invoices can be sent to ECM and stored in an electronic archive system with the customer’s name. The customer can then access the invoice from a document management system with appropriate permissions. Furthermore, should invoices need to be referenced in the future, employees can pull up the document from the online system rather than spend unnecessary time searching through file cabinets.

SysConnect and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Benefits

  • Electronic files can be shared easily and are less likely to be lost or damaged.
  • Artwork is automatically associated with the advertisement invoice.
  • Customers can view their invoices from a document management system.
  • Employees can perform keyword searches and pull up specific documents.
  • Documents are stored in an online system to ensure they are secure.
  • Customer service is improved since customers can obtain their documents immediately.
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