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Document Workflow Automation for the Garment Industry

Speedline Athletic Wear manufactures men’s and women’s custom team uniforms for high schools and universities. Speedline’s main office, located in Florida, also houses two of its other business divisions. Before SysConnect, these two office branches used multi-part forms in their daily operations, statements containing 29 parts and invoices with 4 parts. Each of the company branches uses a different set of multi-part forms, so whenever a different branch needed to print, they manually would change the forms in the dot matrix printer.

In order to replace the multi-part forms, FabSoft’s SysConnect Enterprise was implemented to recreate all 29 parts of the statement and 4 parts of the invoice for all three divisions. The forms for the three branches were similar, with only a few alterations due to differences in color schemes and form fields. Speedline Athletic Wear can now print directly to a high-speed color printer rather than use a slow dot matrix printer on multi-part forms with the newly created forms.

The new forms allow each branch to print instantly to the same printer. The SysConnect also automatically archives all of Speedline’s invoices to archive. Whenever an invoice prints, SysConnect captures the print stream and distributes it to the archive. This workflow provides a complete archive solution for their invoices.

With SysConnect, Speedline Athletic Wear is able to simplify its document processes, saving time and money. With the ability to automatically archive invoices to archive, they are able to achieve company-wide access to valuable customer information. SysConnect provides a complete and efficient document management system for all of their document needs.

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