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Medical Company Automates their Workflow

Freepath is a Pathology Laboratory designed specifically for Dermatologists and Clinicians whose focus is Dermatology. Prior to the integration of FabSoft’s SysConnect and Tag Doc solutions, Freepath relied on multi-part forms that needed to be manually sent via fax, email, or mail to various doctors. The routing of documents varied based on individual doctor preferences, making the process highly inefficient as each document required manual review to verify and configure its distribution. Furthermore, Freepath lacked a digital archive system, with all document records being stored in cumbersome filing cabinets.

Implementation of FabSoft's Solutions

Transition to SysConnect and Tag Doc

To overhaul their existing system, Freepath recreated their essential forms—diagnostic reports, patient history reports, and lab reports—using SysConnect. The newly designed diagnostic forms were equipped with Tag Doc bar codes, which, upon scanning, automatically sorted the documents into designated folders according to the doctor’s name. Each form, when printed, included metadata and indexes allowing SysConnect to determine the appropriate delivery method, whether via fax, email, document management systems, remote printers, or local printers, based solely on the doctor's preferences.

Enhancements in Document Management and Archiving

Documents are now archived online using ECM (Enterprise Content Management) solutions in PDF format, accompanied by comprehensive metadata and indexes. These indexes include patient ID, SSN, date of birth, physician details, referring physician, procedure date, diagnosis number, and session number, facilitating easy retrieval through index-based searches from the document management system. This new system not only eliminates the need for expensive pre-printed forms but also significantly reduces the time spent on determining document delivery logistics. The implementation of automatic distribution of email and fax numbers further simplifies the process, minimizing manual entry errors and delivery issues.

Impact and Future Plans

Since the adoption of SysConnect, Tag Doc, and ECM solutions, Freepath Pathology Laboratory has experienced a substantial reduction in document processing issues. The laboratory now maintains an extensive, easily accessible document archive and provides centralized access to critical information. With forms now including indexes and metadata, document retrieval has become more efficient, supporting Freepath's daily operations which include printing 150-200 forms and scanning 50-100 forms. Plans are underway to expand this solution to their eight other laboratories by the end of the year, along with the potential implementation of an additional 5-6 FabSoft solutions to enhance their current document workflow.