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Guide to Document Routing Software

Document Routing: Definition, Process, & Benefits

With the increasing complexity and volume of data, manual document handling can be time-consuming, prone to errors, and laborious. Important documents can easily get lost or overlooked in the deluge of information. This is where document workflow and automation come into play. Document routing, a pivotal part of document automation, can enhance your business operations, streamline workflows, and eliminate delays that might affect client relationships or payments. This comprehensive guide delves into the nuances of document workflow, OCR automation, and how it brings tangible benefits to businesses. 

Understanding Document Routing in the Document Workflow

Document routing refers to the workflow or system that navigates files to the right locations in a document's lifecycle. This aspect of document automation is vital for successful navigation through different document lifecycle stages, with a focus on delivery. These deliveries can occur in various destinations, from email addresses, network folders, web folders, and databases, to CRM and ERP systems. 

This organized document workflow ensures seamless approvals between departments and team members. Document routing leverages advanced technologies like AI and machine learning to ensure accurate and sophisticated outcomes. It creates an automated document workflow that keeps employees in the loop about the documents requiring their attention. It can be programmed to proceed or redirect to someone else for approval if inactivity occurs.

The Mechanics of Document Routing in Document Automation

Document routing follows specific rules the enterprise or user establishes, essentially creating a document automation system. To set these rules, an administrator must first define criteria like the content group and type, then establish the file destinations. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) automate this process, helping intelligently resolve any discrepancies that may arise. 

Benefits of Document Automation

The Advantages of Document Routing in Document Automation

Document routing benefits businesses by improving efficiency, streamlining workflows, easing document editing, increasing oversight, and minimizing errors. Here are these advantages in detail:

1. Improved Efficiency: Document routing supports an organization's time management strategies. By reducing the chances of documents stalling, it ensures smooth document workflow.

2. Smoother Workflows: Document routing allows each document to have a specific and intelligent workflow, paving the way for consistency and customization.

3. Easier Edits: Thanks to document routing, editing becomes a breeze. Amendments are clear, revisions are easier to read, and there's plenty of room for comments or changes.

4. Oversight and Accountability: Document routing enables businesses to maintain a comprehensive view of all active workflows, which helps track statuses and prevent potential delays.

5. Fewer Errors: With document routing, the risk of human errors is significantly reduced, leading to fewer mistakes to track and fix.

Introducing Fabsoft's Document Routing Software, DeskConnect. 

At FabSoft, we've developed the Fab-Connect Suite, a practical, cost-effective software solution that captures and distributes transactional documents across businesses.

It makes it simple to get documents into on-premise and cloud solutions, and sending documents via email is easy. The management console ensures workflow control and security to maintain appropriate document access. 

Experience the power of automation like never before with our DeskConnect / Desktop Automation Driver from a company that has been an innovator in this technology for over 30 years. We invite you to explore its capabilities with a complimentary 30-day trial. After the trial period, continue to enjoy the benefits of our technology at a nominal rate of $29 per month per user.

To get started, choose from one of our three platforms:

  1. Microsoft App Source: A convenient platform that allows you to purchase our product with just a few clicks using your credit card.

  2. Microsoft Marketplace: Seamlessly use your Azure subscriptions center to acquire our product.

  3. FabSoft Portal: A versatile platform that allows credit card purchases and offers the option for annual purchases.

For any queries or assistance, don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to help you make the most of your automation journey.

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