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What is intelligent document capture?

The Era of Traditional Document Capture 

For years, businesses have relied on manual or standard document capture for managing their document workflows. This process involved digitizing physical documents, manually indexing them for easy retrieval, and storing them in an electronic format. However, with the advent of AI and machine learning technologies, the tides are shifting toward Intelligent Document Capture (IDC), a solution that's dramatically improving efficiency, accuracy, and security in document management. 


The Shift to Intelligent Document Capture (IDC) 

Traditional document capture served businesses well in the past, with its core strength being the ability to convert physical documents into digital counterparts for easier handling. For instance, in a manufacturing firm, supplier invoices would be scanned, digitized, and manually indexed by an employee before being stored in a content management system. However, this manual process is time-consuming, prone to human errors, and less efficient in handling high volumes of documents.  

Contrastingly, IDC automates the capture, identification, and data extraction process, replacing tedious and error-prone manual tasks. In the same manufacturing firm scenario, an intelligent system could automatically scan, digitize, classify, and extract key information from the invoices. This process is far quicker and leaves minimal room for errors. 


Benefits and Power of IDC 

The power of Intelligent Document Capture stems from its ability to leverage sophisticated techniques and state-of-the-art technologies. Documents entering an organization through various channels like email, mail, web browsers, EDI, API, and fax, are automatically processed and swiftly integrated into the workflow, eliminating delays caused by human intervention.

Moreover, the benefits of IDC are multifold. With minimized human interference, it instills consistency and reduces the potential for errors. It enhances document security by reducing human handling, mitigating the risk of sensitive information exposure. High-volume document processing becomes a breeze, and the speed at which users, customers, and vendors can access accurate information significantly increases. 


Improved Document Quality and Security with IDC 

Intelligent systems also offer improved document quality as they maintain original electronic or vector formats, unlike traditional systems that convert documents to rasterized formats, potentially degrading quality and slowing processing time. Plus, IDC provides a detailed audit trail for regulatory compliance and secures sensitive information, another distinct advantage over traditional systems. 


FabSoft: A Unique IDC Solution Provider 

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Among Intelligent Document Capture solution providers, FabSoft stands out with its unique features, including maintenance of electronic formats, remote capture software for capturing documents at the point of creation, and advanced security measures to prevent "man-in-the-middle" attacks. 


Intelligent Document Capture, The Game-Changer in Document Management 

In summary, while traditional document capture has its merits and served businesses well in the past, the future is leaning towards IDC. The ability to automate and streamline document processes, coupled with increased accuracy, enhanced security, and superior document quality, make IDC a game-changer in document management. It's a clear testament to how the right use of technology can drive efficiency and improve business operations. 

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