What is intelligent document capture?

Document Capture

What is intelligent document capture?

It is the process of automatically capturing documents identifying and extracting information from the documents that replace the manual steps a human would perform. Intelligent document capture solutions have advanced technology to determine and classify the document. Once the document is identified, the information is extracted based on the document type. Many techniques are used to extract data from the document. Information can span across different pages in a document set.

Intelligent Document Capture Advantages:

Organizes and streamlines processes:

Removing humans from the workflow forces consistency and reduces errors.

Enhances security:

By removing humans, fewer documents will be managed, decreasing the chances of exposure.

Increase turnaround time and volume:

IDC software will remove the human fracture, so it does not have to wait to move a document through a process. IDC Software scales to handle any volume.

Retrieving information:

The document will flow faster into the workflow process, so users, customers, and vendors will benefit from quicker access to accurate information.

Audit Trail:

To comply with regulations, audit information will allow organizations to secure sensitive information.

Improving Document Quality:

IDC solutions capture documents electronically when possible instead of using an image-based document.

How does intelligent document capture work?

Using IDC technologies, documents are quickly identified, and the contents are extracted. So, the first step in the process is to capture the document. Documents come in and out of any organization. Documents typically come into the organization by email, mail, web browser, EDI, API, and fax. Documents go out of an organization typically by Business applications that will create the initial documents. Some business applications already have features for delivering documents into the IDC process. IDC solutions typically include a virtual printer driver, web browser extension, email capture, and watch folders to add the vital function of capturing documents. The goal of any solution is to remove humans from the capture process as much as possible. Depending on the process, a human is sometimes required. For example, when an order is received by email, the person might need to use their experience to verify the order before allowing the document into the IDC workflow. If the document has poor quality, the IDC solution might need to have the user verify or correct the information before continuing. The second stage is to identify or classify the document. There are two different methods have AI attempt to figure out the document type. The second method is for a user to make a one-time association. Machine Learning can be used to help in both methods. The third step is preparing the document for delivery to forward it to the next system. The process might need to clean up the document, rotate, separate, and combine other internal documents into the document package. IDC solutions usually have a vast selection of built-in destinations.

FabSoft Intelligent Document Capture?

FabSoft document capture includes the common features you would expect in an Intelligent Document Capture solution. What makes our product stand out are these additional features:

Maintain electronic formats – A scanned document is a picture with dotted colors per inch, called rasterized. The older capture solutions converted everything to a rasterized document and then used an OCR process to extract the information. By doing this, the document gets degraded, the OCR is less accurate, the file size is larger, and the processing time is up to 20 times slower. The newer solutions can capture and maintain electronic information throughout the entire process, called vector documents (click here for more information). When documents are generated internally, there is usually an opportunity to capture the document in a vector format. The newer IDC solutions have deep knowledge of the different types of formats and applications to extract vector information. Vector / electronic formats are key to a strong workflow foundation. Every process after will benefit from the document type being vector.

Remote capture – The goal of any capture solution is to capture and maintain vector documents. When an external source sends in a rasterized or scanned document, the document received is degraded forever. The only option is to use the OCR process to understand and extract information.  The newer IDC solutions offer capture software that they can give to their clients so that their clients can install it at the document-creating stage. This will automatically and securely transmit the document in electronic format. After this remote capture software is installed, these external documents flow more efficiently and in a vector format.

Eliminating the man in the middle attack - The new IDC has options to eliminate what is called the man in the middle. External and internal bad people can inspect or take a copy of the documents as they pass through a middle system. By eliminating the system in the middle, the document securely goes straight from their desktop to the next solution without passing through a server. However, sometimes a server or cloud server is needed for some workflows.

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