Scan Directly to SharePoint

Scan to SharePoint: Can You Scan Directly to SharePoint?

Scanning documents to SharePoint can be a cumbersome and time-consuming process if you have to constantly switch between interfaces. If you are still slogging through a multi-step process, it is time to learn an easier and faster way. In this guide, we explain how to effortlessly scan to SharePoint using MFDConnect. We also outline the benefits of using MFDConnect to scan to SharePoint. 

Can you scan to SharePoint?

Today it is typically a multi-step process for a user to submit hard documents to SharePoint. The user must scan the document to the computer, name and save the file to a folder, find the file, and manually drag the document into SharePoint. This process requires too many steps and raises the potential for errors and mistakes. The document may be lost forever if there is a typo or the user alters their naming convention.

To simplify the process, users can scan directly to SharePoint. This removes the need to manually move around files and speeds up the process of capturing hard documents. Microsoft SharePoint has many different ways to receive documents automatically. All the Microsoft Office products have direct connectors that will allow users to easily place documents in SharePoint. We created MFDConnect to streamline document connection for “hard documents” transactions. 

How To Easily Scan to SharePoint Using MFDConnect

FabSoft’s Modular Object Scanning Technology, MFDConnect is a scanning and printing solution that runs on a copy machine user interface. By leveraging your copy machines, the MFDConnect can become a very powerful scanning and printing center that is fully integrated into your core business applications and processes. With MFD Connect, users can define document scanning directly from the MFP screen and integrate with software to meet scanning requirements of any organization. 

Follow these 9 easy steps to easily scan to SharePoint using MFDConnect: 

  1. During MFDConnect Installation, install the SharePoint connector. The SharePoint connector allows users to scan directly to SharePoint on-premise or Office 365 with real-time statuses.
  2. Establish the communication between MFDConnect and SharePoint and assign users to the SharePoint collection. 
  3. Ensure the SharePoint service is open and running. 
  4. Login to MFDConnect at the MFP or the computer. 
  5. Select a SharePoint site from the upload directory. 
  6. Enter the file attributes of the document. 
  7. Place documents in the feeder and click on “Scan to SP.”
  8. To check the status of the document, click on “SPStatus.” 
  9. Once the status is marked as “successful,” the task is complete. Congratulations!  

For more information, read our wiki guides MFDConnect and SharePoint Connector for MOST

4 Benefits of using MFDConnect to Scan to SharePoint

In general, scanning directly to SharePoint streamlines workflows, reduces the risk of errors, and increases productivity. With many different scanning options on the market, we want to highlight the benefits that set MFDConnect apart. Here are 4 of the top benefits of using MFDConnect to scan to SharePoint: 

  1. Fast and Straightforward Configuration - When businesses use MFDConnect to scan to SharePoint, they can use predefined screens to help get the solution up and scanning quickly. 
  2. Flexible Workflows - A powerful WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) designer allows IT teams to adjust or change the screens to meet even the most complex and demanding scanning workflow requirements. 
  3. Intelligent Interface - MFDConnect runs on a copy machine user interface and offers extremely intelligent capabilities to get the user the best scanning experience. 
  4. Applicable to Any Business Size - From small organizations with just a few copy machines to large enterprises with thousands of devices, businesses of many different sizes use MFDConnect to scan to SharePoint. 

Here at FabSoft, we created the Fab-Connect Suite to deliver practical, cost-effective software solutions that intelligently capture and distribute transactional documents across businesses of every size. The Fab-Connect Suite includes MFDConnect, SysConnect, DeskConnect, along with additional solutions available through unique partnerships. Since 1992, we have been an industry leader in document capture solutions, helping companies of all sizes significantly reduce their operating costs while maximizing business productivity. Our document capture solutions have evolved over the years to suit the growing needs of any organization. For this reason, there is no printing or scanning challenge too significant or too complicated for our document capture software. With over 250,000 successful installations, FabSoft solutions have been implemented into the daily operations of many prominent businesses worldwide. 

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