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Scan Directly to SharePoint

Managing a large volume of documents is often a demanding task, especially when the process involves frequent switching between interfaces. If this scenario is all too familiar, it's time to discover a faster and more straightforward method. This comprehensive guide introduces you to a more efficient approach of scan directly to SharePoint using DeskConnect while also exploring its various benefits. Furthermore, we delve into the relevance of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and the concept of document automation, transforming the way your business handles documents.

The Journey from Hard Copy to SharePoint: Can It Be Simpler?

The traditional process of transferring hard copy documents to SharePoint can be quite tedious and error-prone. It generally involves scanning the document to the computer, saving it with a specific name, locating the saved file, and manually dragging it into SharePoint. This method can easily result in lost documents due to typographical errors or inconsistency in naming conventions.

OCR and Document Automation: Catalysts for Efficiency

Scan Directly to Sharepoint

In the digital age, manual handling of documents is no longer necessary. Technologies like OCR and document automation come into play here. OCR can convert different types of documents, such as scanned paper documents or PDF files, into editable and searchable data. Coupled with document automation, these technologies allow for streamlined and more efficient workflows, minimizing the risk of errors while significantly improving productivity.

With OCR and document automation, users can now scan directly to SharePoint, eliminating the need for manual file transfer and accelerating the capture of hard documents. Microsoft SharePoint offers several automated ways to receive documents, and all Microsoft Office products have direct connectors that ease document placement into SharePoint. The advent of solutions like DeskConnect further simplifies the handling of hard-copy documents.

Unlocking the Potential of DeskConnect for Scan to SharePoint

While numerous scanning solutions are available in the market, DeskConnect offers unique advantages that set it apart. Below, we outline four key benefits of using DeskConnect to scan to automate sharepoint, particularly in light of OCR and document automation:

  1. Efficient Setup: DeskConnect comes with predefined screens that facilitate swift setup, enabling businesses to start scanning to SharePoint without unnecessary delays.
  2. Adaptable Workflows: DeskConnect's WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) designer allows IT teams to adjust or modify the screens to cater to even the most complex and demanding scanning workflows.
  3. Intelligent User Interface: Operating on a copy machine user interface, DeskConnect offers advanced capabilities that ensure an exceptional scanning experience for the users.
  4. Scalability: Regardless of the organization's size, DeskConnect can be used by businesses of all scales. From small companies with a few copy machines to large corporations with thousands of devices, DeskConnect simplifies the scan-to-SharePoint process for all.

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The Future of Document Management with DeskConnect

While the transition from hard copy documents to SharePoint might seem daunting, technological innovations like DeskConnect and OCR and document automation can make the process much smoother. Integrating these technologies not only simplifies workflows but also enhances the speed and accuracy of document handling. As businesses continue to digitalize, implementing these advanced technologies will become a standard practice in document management.

Final Thoughts

In the digital transformation era, businesses must harness the power of innovative technologies to remain competitive. Document management is a critical area where efficiency can lead to significant productivity gains. With solutions like DeskConnect, the integration of OCR, and document automation, businesses can transform their document management processes, maximizing efficiency and accuracy while minimizing errors. So, if you're still juggling files between interfaces, it's time to consider switching to a more efficient solution like DeskConnect for scanning to SharePoint.

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