A Survey of Methods to Scan to SharePoint

Scan to SharePoint: What Methods Can Be Used To Scan To Sharepoint?

SharePoint is solidified in the business world as a document storage, internal website, and content management solution. Organizations can use SharePoint in many ways that involve storing, organizing, sharing, and accessing information. Organizations can also use several different strategies to contribute content to the platform. In this guide, we discuss different methods of scanning to SharePoint and provide information on the solution we developed to address the common pitfalls encountered when scanning to SharePoint. 

Manually Scan to SharePoint

To manually scan documents to SharePoint, you must follow a multi-step process. First, you scan the document to the computer, name and save the file to a folder, find the file, and manually drag the document into SharePoint. Because the process requires several steps, it raises the potential for errors and mistakes. The document may be lost forever if there is a typo or if the user alters the naming conventions. If executed meticulously, the manual method may suffice for small numbers of documents. However, it is unlikely that any business using SharePoint will meet these criteria. After all, Sharepoint is designed for middle to enterprise-sized companies that are unlikely only to have a couple of documents to process. 

Scan to Email and Send to SharePoint

Another way to scan to SharePoint is by email. First, set up a shared mailbox. Next, build a flow in SharePoint to import the content from the mailbox into the document library in SharePoint. Once these two arrangements are accomplished, you are ready to begin. Simply email each scan from the multifunction printer (MFP) to the shared account, and the SharePoint flow will handle the import automatically. Once again, this method is feasible for small numbers of documents, but it is not ideal for high-volume use.


Scan to SharePoint using Printer’s Software 

Many of the popular MFPs on the market allow users to scan directly to SharePoint. Some printers may be equipped with SharePoint as a scan destination option, and others may require the user to create a specific profile. While this method may work for some organizations, the approach can become complicated. Network and authentication settings may interfere with the MFP’s ability to connect reliably and successfully with SharePoint. Resolving these issues may not be worth the headache because easier options are available. 

Scan to SharePoint with MFDConnect

FabSoft’s Modular Object Scanning Technology, MFDConnect is a scanning and printing solution that runs on a copy machine user interface. By leveraging your copy machines, the MFDConnect can become a very powerful scanning and printing center that is fully integrated into your core business applications and processes. With MFD Connect, users can define document scanning directly from the MFP screen and integrate it with software to meet the scanning requirements of any organization. From small organizations with just a few copy machines to large enterprises with thousands of devices, businesses of many sizes use MFDConnect to scan to SharePoint. 

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How To Choose The Best Scan to Sharepoint Method For You

To choose the best scan to SharePoint method for your business, it is important to consider the size of your business, the volume of documents you process, how you use SharePoint, and your business growth objectives. Manually scanning and uploading documents to SharePoint may work today, but this method does not drive business growth. Ultimately the best choice is the solution that will help your business grow. 

Here at FabSoft, we created the Fab-Connect Suite to deliver practical, cost-effective software solutions that intelligently capture and distribute transactional documents across businesses of every size. The Fab-Connect Suite includes MFDConnect, SysConnect, DeskConnect, along with additional solutions available through unique partnerships. Since 1992, we have been an industry leader in document capture solutions, helping companies of all sizes significantly reduce their operating costs while maximizing business productivity. Our document capture solutions have evolved over the years to suit the growing needs of any organization. For this reason, there is no printing or scanning challenge too significant or too complicated for our document capture software. With over 250,000 successful installations, FabSoft solutions have been implemented into the daily operations of many prominent businesses worldwide.

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