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Scanning to SharePoint Explained

Scan to SharePoint: Revolutionizing Document Management Processes

SharePoint has become a reliable platform for document storage, internal website management, and content management solutions in the corporate world. Organizations leverage SharePoint's multifunctionality to store, organize, share, and access vital information. They also employ various strategies to contribute content to this dynamic platform. In this guide, we'll explore different methods for performing a scan to SharePoint and introduce you to our custom-built solution designed to overcome common challenges encountered while scanning to SharePoint.

The Manual Method: Scan to SharePoint

The manual method of performing a scan to SharePoint requires following a series of steps. You start by scanning the document to your computer, then name and save the file to a designated folder. After locating the file, you manually drag and drop it into SharePoint. While this method may be feasible for a few documents, it is susceptible to errors and mistakes. Typos or changes in naming conventions could result in permanent loss of documents. SharePoint is primarily designed for middle to enterprise-sized companies that process large documents, making manual scanning methods unsuitable.

Scan to Email and Transfer to SharePoint

An alternative method to scan to SharePoint involves using email. The process begins with setting up a shared mailbox. You then establish a flow in SharePoint to import the content from the mailbox into SharePoint's document library. Now, you can scan documents using your multifunction printer (MFP), email them to the shared mailbox, and allow the SharePoint flow to automate the import process. While feasible for smaller document volumes, this method isn't ideal for high-volume applications.

Using Printer’s Software to Scan to SharePoint

Most modern MFPs facilitate a direct scan to SharePoint. Some printers have SharePoint as a preconfigured scan destination option, while others might require the user to create a specific profile. Although this method is convenient for some organizations, it can often become complicated due to network and authentication settings that could impede the MFP's ability to connect with SharePoint reliably. Given that there are more accessible alternatives available, resolving these issues might not be worth the effort.

Efficient Scanning: Your Go-To Scan to SharePoint Solution

FabSoft’s DeskConnect is a comprehensive scanning and printing solution that integrates seamlessly with your copy machine's user interface. Leverage your existing copy machines and transform them into robust scanning and printing centers, fully integrated with your core business applications and processes. Users can define document scanning parameters directly from the copy machine screen, and the software integrates smoothly to fulfill any organization's scanning needs. 

Determining the Optimal Scan to SharePoint Method for Your Business

To select the best scan-to-SharePoint method for your business, consider your business size, the volume of documents you process, how you utilize SharePoint and your business growth objectives. Manually scanning and uploading documents to SharePoint might be feasible in the short term, but it does not foster scalable business growth. The most beneficial choice will always be the solution that propels your business growth.

Don't hesitate to contact us for any inquiries or assistance with scan to SharePoint methods. We're committed to helping you maximize your automation journey.

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