Unleash AI's Power: Processing Any Document Using Logic Apps

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has brought about a paradigm shift in handling document processing. This blog post will guide you on leveraging Azure Logic Apps or Power Platform to efficiently upload and process any document. This all-inclusive guide will enable you to harness AI's potential to extract crucial information from various document types, thereby facilitating the creation of bespoke workflows for each document type.

The Might of Azure Logic Apps

Azure Logic Apps empower you to initiate specific workflows based on document types, automate tasks, streamline workflows, and significantly boost your productivity. Whether deploying dynamic document-based operations on Azure Logic Apps or orchestrating complex processes on Power Platform, this guide will assist you at every stage.

Determining Document Type

The Desktop Automation Driver, an integral feature of Azure Logic Apps, can identify the document type of each submission. This document type is then utilized in the pipeline flow to decide which nested flow should process the document. For this demonstration, we have three form-type workflow cases available, along with a default flow to process any forms that are not identified.

Azure Nested Flows

The data from the input documents are dispatched to the nested flows using the Invoke a Workflow action. Upon opening one of the nested Azure flows, you'll observe that the data dispatched from the pipeline flow is parsed and then used to populate variables. These variables are subsequently dispatched to an output location. A new file is created in OneDrive for invoices, while each of the other nested flows has its own unique output destination.

Document Dispatch and Processing

Let's delve into dispatching various documents to the Desktop Automation Driver. We begin with a permit application for which a specific nested Azure flow is in the pipeline. This flow will dispatch the information from the document text to an Excel table.

Next, an invoice is dispatched, which will be promptly processed into OneDrive by the invoice nested Azure flow. The purchase order is the third document type with a specific nested Azure flow. Upon dispatching this document to the Desktop Automation Driver, a professional email containing the file attachment and relevant information extracted from the document itself will be generated.

Dealing with Unidentified Documents

In addition to the three specific nested Azure flows for distinct document types, a default flow has been implemented to handle any other document. This creates a comprehensive document processing system, as any unidentified document or document that is not specifically a permit application, invoice, or purchase order will still be processed similarly. 


Integrating the Desktop Automation Driver with Azure Logic Apps flows significantly enhances document processing efficiency. The system showcased in this video is particularly advantageous as it allows all documents to be initially directed to the same Azure flow and filtered into the appropriate nested flow based on form type. Furthermore, additional nested flows can be added to expand the system's capabilities. In conclusion, the combination of the Desktop Automation Driver and Azure Logic Apps can efficiently transform your business processes, unlocking new levels of productivity and streamlining your operations for sustained success.

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