Harnessing the Power of Azure Form Recognizer within Power Platform


Welcome to our concise yet informative demonstration, highlighting the remarkable capabilities of Azure Form Recognizer when paired with Power Apps. This blog post will guide you through Azure Form Recognizer's effortless integration and extraordinary features. This state-of-the-art AI-powered service transforms the way you interact with documents and forms.

Integration of Azure Form Recognizer and Power Apps

Discover how Microsoft Form Recognizer and Microsoft Power Apps can be effortlessly merged using the FabSoft Desktop Automation Driver to streamline document processing. In this example, the Form Recognizer was utilized to extract all essential information from a document. A Power Apps flow employed the extracted information to dispatch a professional email. The FabSoft Desktop Automation Driver merely provides the conduit for these two dynamic Microsoft programs to interact.

The Advantage of This System

The significant advantage of this system is that once a Desktop Automation Driver workflow has been established, any document of the same type, in this instance, invoices, can be swiftly and efficiently processed with a single click.


In conclusion, the integration of Azure Form Recognizer and Power Apps, facilitated by FabSoft's Desktop Automation Driver, offers a powerful solution for efficient document processing. Don't miss this opportunity to revolutionize your document management workflow with Azure Form Recognizer and Power Apps!

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