Workflow Automation Solution for the Healthcare Industry

Baptist Hospital Systems, a highly renowned hospital located in the Southeast, faxes many documents daily.  Whether used by physicians, nurses, or administrative personnel, this hospital faxed information using stand-alone fax machines, which had become problematic.

Manually faxing high volumes of documents was tedious, time-consuming, and inefficient. Employees had to wait for transmissions to complete successfully, taking time away from other, more important tasks.  Employees were also unable to tell whether faxes were delivered successfully, given that status notifications were unavailable.  In a critical environment such as this one, document management must be reliable, secure, and efficient.  Baptist Health Systems turned to FabSoft and OpenText to solve their faxing issues.

The Solution

The hospital's initial step to improve its fax processes was to eliminate its stand-alone fax machines. These fax machines were ill-suited to handle the faxing needs of such a large facility.  They were replaced with 92 copy machines (MFPs) that integrate seamlessly with the MOST Technology and OpenText RightFax solutions.

FabSoft’s Modular Object Scanning Technology (MOST) solution was selected because it allows users to specify document distribution directly from the MFP screen, allowing paperwork to be routed conveniently and easily.  In order to ensure the efficient management of such a high volume of faxes, FabSoft’s MOST was combined with OpenText’s RightFax, the proven market leader in reliable fax software and solutions. This pairing immediately transformed the hospitals’ fleet of MFPs into a powerful and robust enterprise fax system.  In order to utilize this solution, the users now walk up to the MFP and log into FabSoft’s MOST at the display screen.  They are then presented with a tab for configuring distribution to the OpenText RightFax solution. They can search and select contacts stored in the RightFax solution or enter the fax number manually. Cover pages, subjects, and any additional notes can also be specified from this screen. Once the user has completed entering the information and the document has been scanned, a preview of the scanned job will appear on the screen.  Previewing the document ensures the user that pages are not missing or misaligned and the scan quality is acceptable. If necessary, pages of the document can be moved, rotated, added, or deleted. When the user wants to view the status of a fax, they simply navigate to the status tab on the MFP screen, where they can view all the jobs that have been scanned.

FabSoft’s MOST solution is extremely easy to manage and maintain since it is centrally monitored.  When changes or updates need to be made, they can be implemented on all 92 MFPs simultaneously rather than individually from a central location.  If any issues with MFPs arise, they can be switched out and running again within minutes.

The FabSoft and OpenText implementations furnished Baptist Health Systems with the features necessary to improve workplace efficiency, employee reliability, and document security. With all the enhancements that have been made, Baptist Health Systems has been able to process documents with confidence and speed so the focus can be placed on what’s most important:  patient care.

The Benefits

  • The MFP has been transformed into a robust enterprise fax system with “walk-up” convenience in which employees can scan and fax documents in a matter of seconds.
  • With the OpenText RightFax solution, faxes are sent faster than from stand-alone fax machines, and time is no longer wasted waiting for transmissions to complete.
  • Fax statuses are viewable directly from the MFP screen, allowing users to confirm the delivery of important faxes within minutes.
  • Scanned documents can be previewed before being faxed in order to verify quality and accuracy.
  • Stored contacts are searchable and selectable in OpenText RightFax address books. Contacts can also be added directly to the MFP screen.
  • Changes and updates can be made automatically to all machines from one central location without walking up to each individual MFP.
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