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Intelligent Document Capture (IDC) Software & Services

Intelligent Document Capture Software & Services

In today's digital world, companies rapidly move away from traditional paper filing methods towards leveraging Intelligent Document Capture (IDC) technology. IDC plays an instrumental role in managing electronic and paper documents, proving essential for businesses striving for operational efficiency. In the past, finding a specific document involved manually sorting through file cabinets or digital folders. However, document identification and data extraction have become quick, seamless processes with IDC.

Understanding the Role of IDC in Business

IDC facilitates the capture of documents from various sources, including emails, mail, web browsers, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), faxes, and internal business applications. While some business applications already have features facilitating the IDC process, others might lack these capabilities. Therefore, IDC solutions often incorporate virtual printer drivers, web browser extensions, email capture, and watch folders, enhancing document-capturing processes.

The objective of any IDC solution is to reduce human involvement in the document-capturing process as much as possible, thereby increasing efficiency. However, there are instances when human intervention is necessary, such as verifying an order received via email or correcting information from a poor-quality document. After capturing the document, the IDC workflow includes identifying or classifying the document, often through artificial intelligence (AI) or user-made associations. Machine learning (ML) can assist in these steps, helping streamline the process even further. Finally, the document is prepared for forwarding to the next system, which may involve cleaning up, rotating, separating, or combining the document with others in the package.

The New Generation of Document Capture Software: Improving Digital Transformation

The new generation of IDC solutions retains the electronic formats of documents instead of the older models that convert everything to a rasterized or pixelated format. These older models often lead to degraded document quality, less accurate Optical Character Recognition (OCR), larger file sizes, and slower processing times. In contrast, newer IDC solutions retain electronic information, referred to as vector formats, throughout the process.

When documents are generated internally, there is usually an opportunity to capture the document in a vector format. These innovative IDC solutions can extract vector information from various formats and applications, offering a robust workflow foundation. Furthermore, these solutions offer remote capture software to clients, enabling them to install it at the document creation stage. This software automatically and securely transmits the document in electronic format, thus improving the efficiency of document flow.

Moreover, the latest IDC solutions provide options to eliminate the risk of "man-in-the-middle" attacks, in which external or internal entities can inspect or copy documents as they pass through an intermediary system. By bypassing these systems, documents can be securely transferred directly from the sender's desktop to the recipient, enhancing security. However, a server or cloud server may still be required in some workflows.

Benefits of Intelligent Document Capture

Elevate your document management to remarkable heights with our DeskConnect platform. Intelligent Document Capture offers a myriad of benefits to businesses:

  • Reduction or Elimination of Human Interaction: Once trained, computers perform tasks more accurately, significantly reducing the risk of errors and typos.
  • Time Efficiency: Computers can react to and process pending documents much faster than humans, saving valuable time.
  • Enhanced Document Quality: IDC software can clean up skewed or distorted documents, improving the overall quality.
  • Process Standardization: IDC ensures all documents are processed using the same methods, leading to more organized and consistent handling of more documents.

Intelligent Document Processing Platform

DeskConnect: Your Solution for Intelligent Document Capture Needs

After over 31 years of helping clients with their Intelligent Document Capture needs, our company developed DeskConnect. DeskConnect was designed from the ground up to incorporate cutting edge innovations in intelligent document capture. It is a testament to our commitment to providing our clients with cutting-edge solutions that streamline and enhance their document management processes.

In conclusion, Intelligent Document Capture revolutionizes how businesses manage their document workflows. By harnessing the power of IDC, businesses can not only save time and improve efficiency but also greatly enhance their document security, leading to an overall improvement in their operations.

DeskConnect Key Features:

  • Machine Learning (ML)
  • Artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Full vector support
  • Remote Capture
  • Secure Direct Document Delivery

Experience the power of automation like never before with our DeskConnect / Desktop Automation Driver from a company that has been an innovator in this technology for over 30 years. We invite you to explore its capabilities with a complimentary 30-day trial. After the trial period, continue to enjoy the benefits of our technology at a nominal rate of $29 per month per user.

To get started, choose from one of our three try for free platforms:

  1. FabSoft Direct: Download and try directly from the product page.

  2. Microsoft App Source: A convenient platform that allows you to purchase our product with just a few clicks using your credit card.

  3. Microsoft Marketplace: Seamlessly use your Azure subscriptions center to acquire our product.

For any queries or assistance, don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to help you make the most of your automation journey.

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