AI Handwritten Form Processing to SharePoint

In today's digitized world, the traditional, labor-intensive method of manual data entry is swiftly becoming a thing of the past. Modern Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology has fundamentally transformed the management of form data, offering an efficient and reliable way of processing handwritten forms. This article takes inspiration from a video tutorial titled "AI-Powered Handwritten Form Processing to SharePoint". It serves as a comprehensive guide on how to leverage AI capabilities to efficiently and accurately process handwritten forms.

Understanding the Process

The tutorial serves as a valuable resource, illustrating the seamless integration of the Azure Form Recognizer and Desktop Automation Driver to upload handwritten documents to SharePoint. By employing an OCR engine equipped with a pre-configured document form recognizer model, critical information can be extracted from the document and handwritten text can be converted into usable field values. In essence, the process involves using the AI-powered Azure platform and a desktop automation driver to transform handwritten information into structured, digital data.

  • The tutorial showcases the integration of the Azure Form Recognizer and Desktop Automation Driver.
  • The OCR engine is leveraged to extract key information from the documents.
  • The extracted handwritten text is converted into field values.

Streamlining the Workflow with Azure Platform

The process commences with the selection of the SharePoint library and the target folder path. The AI-powered Azure Form Recognizer then scans the document to identify pertinent information. Field objects are positioned over the required data, which are then used to populate the SharePoint indexes. The AI capabilities of the Azure platform make this entire process swift and efficient, transforming a handwritten document into a processed digital file within mere seconds.

Ensuring Accuracy with Azure Platform

Human vs IDC Error

Dealing with handwriting can be tricky due to varying styles and legibility. However, the Azure platform, in combination with the Desktop Automation Driver, has a mechanism to ensure data accuracy. For any field with an OCR confidence level less than 90 percent, an indexing menu is displayed, prompting users to rectify any inaccuracies in field values. Following this, the accurate data is sent to SharePoint, where it can be readily accessed and utilized.

Customizing Form Information with the Azure Platform

Processing handwritten forms on the Azure platform is not a rigid process. Quite the contrary, it allows for a significant level of customization and modification to suit user needs. The desktop automation driver can prompt users to verify uncertain values and permits manual correction of these values. Additionally, property modifiers can be applied to fields to modify their values, and multiple modifiers can be applied concurrently.

For example, a modifier can be used to filter a tax map number field to retain only the last three digits. Similarly, another modifier can represent checkbox fields as selected or unselected. With a custom code modifier, the text can be altered to say "yes" or "no" depending on whether a checkbox is selected. This processed, tailored information can then be uploaded to SharePoint for further use.

Embracing AI-Powered Efficiency with Azure Platform

The integration of Azure Form Recognizer and the Desktop Automation Driver brings about a profound shift in how handwritten form data is processed. Not only does it facilitate quick and accurate data extraction, but it also offers customization features that enable users to tailor their output to meet specific needs. The result is a revolution in form management workflow, making it significantly more efficient and robust. Moreover, it drastically reduces the likelihood of human error, ensuring a higher standard of accuracy and reliability.

In conclusion, AI-powered handwritten form processing on the Azure platform is a game-changer in managing and processing documents. It efficiently bridges the gap between physical and digital data, unlocking numerous opportunities for better data management, streamlined workflows, and enhanced productivity.

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