Enhancing Document Transfers from Desktop to SharePoint

Welcome to an in-depth tutorial aimed at simplifying the process of intelligently transferring documents from your desktop to SharePoint. This blog post offers a step-by-step guide on establishing a workflow for similar documents, enabling users to swiftly and efficiently import their files into SharePoint on a consistent basis. Let's dive into the wonders of workflow automation and explore how it can transform your daily document management practices.

Establishing a Workflow for Automatic Submission

At the heart of our process is the DeskConnect Desktop Automation Driver, an impressive tool that facilitates the efficient dispatch of documents to a multitude of output locations. This guide will highlight the two key methodologies for dispatching documents to SharePoint and demonstrate how to combine these methods to process multiple documents simultaneously, hence expediting the overall procedure.

We start by examining a SharePoint library that has already been populated with documents using the Desktop Automation Driver. Each document within this library not only hosts the file attachment but also carries with it SharePoint indexes that hold specific document data - a testament to the power of workflow automation.

The initiation of dispatching a document to SharePoint using the Desktop Automation Driver is relatively straightforward - simply submit the desired document to the driver. If no workflows have been previously created, this action triggers the workflow creation menu. From this point, you can opt for the SharePoint Document Library Automatic Submission workflow type.

Configuring Your Workflow

Selecting a workflow type ushers you into the workflow configuration menu. Here, you can define your target SharePoint Library, which is where your output will be directed. Furthermore, you have the flexibility to browse the selected library and pinpoint a specific subfolder as your output destination, although this step is not mandatory.

Four Steps for DeskConnect

For instance, if you're dealing with invoices, you might opt for an 'invoices' subfolder. You also have the option to configure your file name field utilizing specific document text. This is a straightforward process that entails selecting the preferred text from the document. For instance, you could use the invoice number as the output file name, thus enhancing your SharePoint organization and ease of access.

Defining a Workflow for Manual Submission

Alongside automatic submission, the Desktop Automation Driver allows for a Manual Submission Workflow, providing users the flexibility to designate a different SharePoint Library as the output location for each individual document processed. This feature can be immensely useful when you need to dispatch similarly formatted documents to different locations based on specific user requirements, essentially offering a customizable import to SharePoint.

Consider a situation where you have two purchase order folders, one dedicated to ABC Company documents and another for XYZ Company. By zooming in on the document preview, you can identify the appropriate SharePoint folder to which the document should be dispatched. For instance, if the vendor name on a document is ABC Company, you would select the ABC Company purchase orders folder.

Managing Multiple Document Types

When it comes to dealing with a file containing multiple document types, the Desktop Automation Driver comes into its own, simplifying the process of splitting up and dispatching the documents to SharePoint. A single document could contain a variety of document types, including a packing slip, invoices, a purchase order, and a patient registration form. Through workflow automation, you can configure a browser menu entry and enable the 'inspect every page of the document' option. This capability allows each page to be processed independently with its own workflow, accommodating the diversity within a single file.

Exploring the Power of Workflow Automation: Conclusion

In conclusion, the DeskConnect Desktop Automation Driver offers an impressive capability to streamline the import of documents to SharePoint. By harnessing the built-in tools of this product, users can significantly enhance their efficiency when working with the SharePoint system, thereby transforming the seemingly complex process of document transfer into a straightforward, automated workflow.

The power of workflow automation is noticeable, eliminating manual tasks and paving the way for smooth, effective operations. Whether you're seeking to automatically submit documents or manually control the submission process, the Desktop Automation Driver has you covered. Step into the future of document management and embrace the efficiency of automated workflows.

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