Transform Handwritten Forms with Azure Form Recognizer

Even in this digital age, handwritten forms continue to play a critical role in many business operations. Converting these handwritten forms into digital, actionable data can pose significant challenges. This is where the advanced technologies of artificial intelligence (AI) and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) step in. With Azure Form Recognizer's OCR capabilities and FabSoft's DeskConnect's file automation platform, businesses have a comprehensive solution for converting handwriting to text from scanned forms and PDFs.

Boosting Workflow Efficiency with OCR and FabSoft's DeskConnect

OCR isn't merely about converting handwriting into text. It's about the transformation it brings to your workflow. When Azure Form Recognizer's OCR capabilities are paired with FabSoft's DeskConnect, repetitive forms or PDFs are processed swiftly, drastically reducing the need for laborious manual data entry. Your team can shift their focus to more strategic, value-adding activities, resulting in a notable boost in productivity and job satisfaction.

Seamless Integration of OCR Technology with FabSoft's DeskConnect

The collaboration of Azure Form Recognizer and FabSoft's DeskConnect brings about a seamless integration with your existing workflow platforms. Whether you're using SharePoint, email, or other platforms, these tools ensure that the OCR-processed data is immediately available where you need it, promoting operational continuity and efficiency in your workflow.

Ensuring Reliability in Handwriting to Text Conversion with Azure Form Recognizer and FabSoft's DeskConnect

In any data-driven business, accuracy is key. With Azure Form Recognizer's OCR capabilities and FabSoft's DeskConnect, handwritten text and checkboxes are read and interpreted with high precision. This exceptional data extraction process instills confidence in the reliability of the processed information, which is vital for data-driven decision-making.

Human vs IDC Error

Case Study: Amplifying SharePoint Document Processing with OCR and FabSoft's DeskConnect

Imagine a scenario where Azure Form Recognizer and FabSoft's DeskConnect work together to optimize SharePoint document processing. Documents are swiftly sent to a pre-configured SharePoint Library, with the OCR engine extracting handwritten information to populate SharePoint indexes. For challenging handwriting, the system ensures data integrity by prompting users to validate any field with an OCR confidence level below 90 percent.

The Future of Data Processing with Azure Form Recognizer, FabSoft's DeskConnect and OCR

The combination of Azure Form Recognizer and FabSoft's DeskConnect leads to a significant enhancement in document processing. With the efficient transfer of documents and accurate capture of handwritten text enabled by OCR, this combination provides a robust solution for any business dealing with document processing tasks.

DeskConnect vs Manual Filing Compared

Unlocking the Potential of OCR with Azure Form Recognizer and FabSoft's DeskConnect

Azure Form Recognizer and FabSoft's DeskConnect are more than just workflow tools; they represent a leap towards a more automated future. By transforming handwritten forms into actionable data, they create an environment where human error is minimized, and productivity is maximized. If your aim is to work smarter, not harder, it's time to unlock the full potential of automation and the transformative power of OCR with Azure Form Recognizer and FabSoft's DeskConnect.

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