A Detailed Walkthrough for Unifying Multiple Azure Form Recognizer Models

In the digital age, businesses continually search for strategies to streamline workflows and enhance productivity. Document processing, a common challenge, can be effectively tackled with innovative technologies like Azure Form Recognizer. This blog post is inspired by a YouTube tutorial showcasing the amalgamation of multiple Microsoft Form Recognizer models to create a unified, efficient model. When integrated with Microsoft PowerApps flow and the FabSoft Desktop Automation Driver, this unified model can establish an extraordinarily efficient system for document processing.

Crafting a Custom Form Recognizer Model

The journey begins with the creation of a new custom Form Recognizer model. In the tutorial, a project involving patient registration forms is utilized. The forms for training are selected and labeled, and additional fields are incorporated to cater to the variations between the two document templates. After labeling all the documents, the new model is trained and assigned a name and description.

Fusing Multiple Models

The tutorial demonstrates the fusion of two distinct template models for the same document type to create a unified model. This unified model is capable of processing both patient registration form templates. The advantage of fusing models in this manner is its flexibility - any new form templates can be fused as required, providing users with significant flexibility. The fused model excels at extracting crucial information from each document, irrespective of format differences.

Incorporating the Fused Model into Your Workflow

Once the fused model is ready, it can be incorporated into your workflow. The fused patient registration model is utilized in the tutorial to create a FabSoft Desktop Automation Driver workflow. When a patient registration form is submitted to the Desktop Automation Driver, the associated workflow employs the Microsoft Form Recognizer model to gather key information from the document and then transmit the information to a Microsoft PowerApps flow. The PowerApps flow then uses the information to create a new row of data for the submitted document in an Excel spreadsheet located in SharePoint.

The Might of Automation

The FabSoft Desktop Automation Driver possesses the capability to configure monitoring directories. Any document in that folder will be automatically submitted to the Desktop Automation Driver for processing. This feature enables users to process a vast number of documents at once. In the tutorial, numerous patient registration forms from two different hospitals are processed swiftly.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, the combination of Microsoft Form Recognizer, the FabSoft Desktop Automation Driver, and Microsoft Power Apps can create a document processing system that can save businesses invaluable time and labor. The ability to fuse multiple Form Recognizer models into one provides great flexibility and efficiency, making document processing easier and more streamlined.

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