Intelligent Document Capture

Take transactional documents that land on a user’s desktop workstation and automatically move them through your business.

DeskConnect has intelligent capture technology to easily manage documents on the user’s desktop. Whenever a user needs to process a repetitive document DeskConnect can improve the process by eliminating the user’s repetitive steps, removing human error, and forcing consistency. DeskConnect uses both AI and Machine Learning throughout to greatly improve the user experience. FabSoft combines best-of-breed solutions to optimize the amount and quality of the data you capture, and minimize the effort required to do it.

Intelligent Capture Journey

DeskConnect Capture Journey

Email Attachments

DeskConnect has two options to process inbound emails. The first option is to automatically identify inbound emails and process each email. The second method is more manual where the user would inspect that email and then click on a button to process the email.

File Folder

DeskConect can monitor files to appear in any folder. There can be an unlimited folder that is being monitored, each folder can have different settings. This is popular for the scanner to scan to a folder.


DeskConnect comes with an intelligent printer driver that gives users the ability to print from any application and legacy applications. In many cases, the only way to capture a document is using a printer driver.

Web Browsers

DeskConnect comes with browser extensions that allow the user to process documents right in their browser with only one click. It is very common now that documents open within the user's web browsers.



Each document goes through a rigorous process to ensure that the correct workflow is used. AI is used to help identify and Machine Learning is applied to improve any exceptions.


Documents might need to be separated by reference number or type. In some cases scanned documents may need to be cleaned up to improve usability.


DeskConnect can extract information from electronic (vector) and scanned (rasterized) documents. DeskConnect comes with many advanced features to extract the most problematic information.


Documents that have been scanned or created in rasterized documents, require an OCR process (optical character recognition). DeskConnect comes with the best OCR engine in the industry, which helps accuracy and overall performance.


Content Management Solutions

DeskConnect makes it easy to get documents into on-premise and cloud solutions. By leveraging the easy submission options users can save time and errors by using DeskConnect.

Automaton Platforms

Power Apps and Make open up 1000s of easy-to-use connectors to quickly integrate to almost any cloud solution using DeskConnect as an on-ramp.

File Shares

Local file shares can be automatically created and organized. Cloud file shares can also be automatically created and organized with secure connections.


It is easy to send documents to the common email providers and it also includes universal connectors to send out documents.


If printing is still needed as part of the workflow DeskConnect can print to all printer types with control finishing.


Some workflows and integrations require customization. Our SDK and API were designed so that even the beginner can create powerful workflows and connections.



DeskConnect comes with many tools that are used to create and manage workflows. The optional cloud portal will allow your administrators to control and assign workflow to the entire company, groups, or users.


DeskConnect can be configured for one to thousands of users. Users can be assigned different authorities based on the activities they need to perform. Using the cloud portal, administrators can control users’ workflows, settings, and security.


Assigning users to a group allows admins to control many users. Adding users to groups allow an easy way of managing workflows and setting for many users.


Built throughout DeskConnect is security with includes SSL Keys and encryption to make sure only the right users can see and process their documents.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Document Capture?

Businesses need a reliable connection for their transactional documents. Document Capture is a software solution that automates the processes of collecting, scanning, and importing data and documents. The intelligent tool can capture data from electronic, hard, and soft formats.

Why do you need a Document Capture strategy?

Companies of all shapes and sizes perform business transactions using documents and data in electronic, hard, and soft formats. Each format contains critical information, and all the formats need to be connected. Without a Document Capture strategy, the information remains separate and valuable insights are left unrealized.

What is the benefit of Document Capture technology?

For many businesses, critical data lives in many different places. The major benefit of Document Capture technology is that it brings all your documents together in one place so that the information can connect to the right flow and go to the right workers. Furthermore, Document Capture technology helps businesses increase effectiveness and efficiency, avoid unnecessary costs for audit and compliance, and improve customer satisfaction.

How does Document Capture Software work?

Document Capture Software increases the efficiency of leveraging system-level data, documents created and transmitted by users, and scanned documents. The electronic, hard, and soft data capture strategies are fulfilled through highly specialized software - SysConnect, DeskConnect, and MFD Connect, respectively - that allow businesses to capture a comprehensive range of data.


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