Intelligent Document Capture

Take transactional documents that land on a user’s desktop workstation and automatically move them through your business.

DeskConnect has intelligent capture technology to manage documents on the user’s desktop easily. Whenever a user needs to process a repetitive document, DeskConnect can improve the process by eliminating the user’s repetitive steps, removing human error, and forcing consistency. DeskConnect leverages the latest technologies such as AI and Machine Learning and Large Language Models (LLMs) throughout, to greatly improve the user experience. FabSoft combines best-of-breed solutions to optimize the amount and quality of the data you capture and minimize the required effort.

Intelligent Capture Journey

DeskConnect Capture Journey


DeskConnect's printer driver isn’t just smart; it’s adaptable. It accommodates outputs from a variety of applications, making document capture from even legacy systems a breeze.

Web Browsers

As online document access becomes commonplace, DeskConnect's browser extensions play a pivotal role, enabling document processing directly within the browser.

Email Attachments

DeskConnect’s dual approach to processing emails stands out. The automated option swiftly identifies inbound emails for processing, while a manual mode allows users to inspect before initiating.

File Folder

Not just a simple folder monitor, DeskConnect is adaptive. It can oversee unlimited folders, each fine-tuned with distinct settings, making it particularly valuable for scanner-directed outputs.



Ensuring the right workflow for every document is crucial. With AI and Machine Learning, enriched by LLMs, DeskConnect consistently matches documents with optimal workflows, while learning from any exceptions.


Beyond mere categorization, DeskConnect refines content. It segregates documents, and if scanned, can even enhance their informational clarity.


DeskConnect is adept at data extraction, from both electronic and scanned sources. LLMs provide a context, ensuring even complex information is reliably captured.


Rasterized documents meet their match with DeskConnect's industry-leading OCR engine, delivering unparalleled accuracy by leveraging the deep context understanding from LLMs.


Large Language Models (LLMs)

DeskConnect has a direct connection to Azure OpenAI. This provides real-time updates to the LLMs without re-training or re-tuning models, saving countless time and money.

Content Management Solutions

Bridging local and cloud storage, DeskConnect provides seamless document transitions, making data access and retrieval intuitive.

Automation Platforms

Integration is key in our interconnected digital landscape. With DeskConnect’s gateway to platforms like Power Apps and Make, cloud solutions are easily accessible.

File Shares

DeskConnect ensures organized, automated file shares, be it on local storage or in the cloud.


Broad compatibility with common email providers, coupled with universal connectors, makes document dispatch via email simple and efficient.


When hard copies are required, DeskConnect delivers, offering compatibility with a myriad of printer types.

Azure Blobs Storage

Documents of any time can be easily sent to Azure Blob Storage directly using the built-in point-to-point security.


Customized workflows and integrations come to life with DeskConnect’s user-friendly SDK and API, facilitating bespoke solutions.



DeskConnect isn’t just about creating workflows; it’s about efficient management. An optional cloud portal grants administrators granular control, right from the company level to specific user groups.


DeskConnect’s scalability shines here, accommodating from one to thousands of users, each with role-tailored settings managed via the cloud portal.


By clustering users into groups, administrators can simplify and streamline management, from workflow assignments to settings configurations.


DeskConnect is fortified with top-tier security features, ensuring documents remain confidential, and access is restricted to authorized users.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Document Capture?

Businesses need a reliable connection for their transactional documents. Document Capture is a software solution that automates the processes of collecting, scanning, and importing data and documents. The intelligent tool can capture data from electronic, hard, and soft formats.

Why do you need a Document Capture strategy?

Companies of all shapes and sizes perform business transactions using documents and data in electronic, hard, and soft formats. Each format contains critical information, and all the formats need to be connected. Without a Document Capture strategy, the information remains separate and valuable insights are left unrealized.

What is the benefit of Document Capture technology?

For many businesses, critical data lives in many different places. The major benefit of Document Capture technology is that it brings all your documents together in one place so that the information can connect to the right flow and go to the right workers. Furthermore, Document Capture technology helps businesses increase effectiveness and efficiency, avoid unnecessary costs for audit and compliance, and improve customer satisfaction.

How does Document Capture Software work?

Document Capture Software increases the efficiency of leveraging system-level data, documents created and transmitted by users, and scanned documents. The electronic, hard, and soft data capture strategies are fulfilled through highly specialized software - SysConnect, DeskConnect, and MFD Connect, respectively - that allow businesses to capture a comprehensive range of data.


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